Border Collie Herding

horseshowstream 2019_Border_Collie_Portrait

Border Collie Herding

Friday Evening, May 24, 2019

Gene Shortening started education and trialing Border Collies in 1986 with a seven year vintage male Border Collie name Nap. Today, Gene’s puppies are all at numerous stages in education and they may be used daily to help him manage his flock of approximately one hundred sheep. Gene and his puppies often compete in sheepdog trials at some point of the east coast and Canada, and remote places. Two of his higher recognized demonstrations have been inside the spring of 1992 when he assisted with the last act for David Letterman’s 10th Anniversary Special in which his puppies ushered six sheep right into a New York City taxi, and in 2003 to escort sheep down Broadway into the Ed Sullivan Theater. Join us to look at Gene and his dogs Nick, Ket and Sweet as they display their herding skills with sheep and geese in the Dixon Oval.



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